The photographer's photo store. We offer photo sales, rentals, and are the leader in photographic equipment since 1971.

New Gear



West Photo has you covered, from what camera to choose to what paper to print your photos on. We'll handle from your simplest to most advanced photography needs.






We carry the full line of DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm; and we have the expertise to help you select the model that best suits your shooting style. Our professional quality lenses and accessories help you complete any system perfectly.

Canon • Nikon • Sony Mirrorless • Fujifilm X Series and Medium Format • Sigma Lenses • Tokina Lenses • Tamron Lenses • Zeiss lenses




The addition of HD video to the DSLR allows photographers to create video of amazing quality. We offer a wide selection of accessories and components from the best brands.

Sennheiser • Zacuto • Cinevate • Glidecam • Manfrotto • Gitzo • Zoom • Rode • Saramonic • FeiyuTech




Strobes & Modifiers

We carry strobe and continuous lights to fit the style and budget of any photographer, from on location to in the studio. Different situations require different lighting solutions.

Dynalite • Profoto • Speedotron • Smith-Victor • Lowel • Elinchrom • Sto-Fen • Honl • Rogue • Gary Fong • MagMod


Softboxes, Umbrellas &
Bounce Reflectors

We have softboxes, umbrella and bounce reflectors to fit most any light.

Chimera • Photoflex • Lastolite • Profoto • Elinchrom



To hold those lights you'll need stands, booms, clamps, sandbags and more. We've got it all.

Manfrotto • Avenger • Kupo • Tether Tools • & more




Camera Supports

You'll find supports for every camera, from the smallest point-and-shoot style to large format, in materials ranging from aluminum to high-tech options like basalt and carbon fiber.

Manfrotto • Gitzo • Mefoto • Benro • Induro • Sirui • Giottos • Wimberly • Arca Swiss • Slik • Joby


White Balance

For the best color, consider custom white balance solutions.

ExpoImaging • X-Rite • Lastolite • QPCard


Bags & Cases

Your equipment selection and shooting style dictate your needs. Look for our complete selection of bags and cases to carry it all

Ona • Tenba • Lowe Pro • Clix • Think Tank • MindShift • Pelican • SKB • Manfrotto • Lightware • Black Rapid Straps • Op/Tech


Calibration & Profiling

Get the colors you expect from your screen to print.

X-Rite • Datacolor



Compact Flash and Secure Digital cards to record your images. And external Hard drives to back up your images.

Sandisk • Delkin • Lacie • Sony



Even with today's digital cameras, filters are essential. From simple protection to polarizing filters to ND to special effects, we've got you covered.

Tiffen • B+W • Rosco • Lee • Breakthrough




Inkjet Printers

We sell inkjet printers from both Epson and Canon, and our selection of inkjet media is second to none. We offer sizes ranging from 4"x6" to 44" -wide rolls. The variety of paper type is staggering — from glossy, matte and luster to fine art canvas, photorags and more. Dive into our custom-printed sample books to see what each paper looks like in color and black & white.


Inkjet Papers

We have an enormous selection of inkjet papers with plenty of samples to find you the right paper for the print you want at home.

Epson • Canson Infinity • Hahnemuhle FineArt • Ilford • Inkpress • Innova Paper • Moab Paper • Museo Digital Fine Art Media • Premier Imaging Products



West Photo is among the few that still offer the products for traditional film photography. We carry both color and black & white films from Kodak, Ilford and Fuji. Our lab can process and make prints, or you can do it yourself — we carry all the necessities: Ilford black & white papers, both RC and fiber-based; photographic chemistry from Kodak, Ilford, Edwal and Sprint; plus basic darkroom equipment like tanks and trays.




Look to us for support long after your purchase. Specific services are listed here; call to ask about any other equipment needs. If we can't help you in our store, we'll direct you to the right resources.


Sensor Cleaning

We give you two options: We sell the right products to clean the sensor yourself, with pointers on best practices. Or, we'll clean it for you. The charge is $50; just drop off your camera with a freshly charged battery and we'll have it ready in one or two business day.

The sensor in digital cameras eventually becomes speckled with dirt and dust — which shows up in every image you capture. Because the sensor is delicate and can be easily damaged, appropriate cleaning products are essential.

Equipment Repairs

While we don't have an in-house repair department, we can help you diagnose the problem and get it to the recommended repair station if needed.

Digital Data Retrieval

If the data on your card is corrupted and you can't see the images, bring it in. We can often recover the files and transfer them safely to a CD or DVD.